5 Famous Indian Mathematicians and their Contribution

1. Srinivas Ramanujan
Ramanujan the greatest mathematical genius had taught himself math after he was dropped out of the high school because of his failure in the English subject. He is famously known for his several contributions in the analytical theory of numbers, continued fractions, elliptic functions, and the infinite series. He was also invited to visit England on his set of the 120 theorems that he had sent to Cambridge. He further made many useful mathematical demonstrations in his complete lifetime, all of which are mostly beyond the scope of this article. He had taught a greater valuable lesson, that failure is not permanent as he had did not let his English failure bring him down and tried to continued to teach himself mathematics, which he was very passionate about. He has himself been the inspiration of many great mathematicians, not just in our India but all over the globe.

2. Aryabhata
Aryabhata from the ancient history was actually the very first person to figure out that the earth was spherical and all the time revolved around the sun, thereby discovering all the nine planets and calculating the most correct number of days in a year which were 365. Therefore it wouldn’t be that wrong to call him a great scientist and an great astronomer as well, as far back as the time period and the mythology suggests.

3. Harish-Chandra
The great Indian originated American physicist and a mathematician is famously known for his infinite dimensional group representation theory. He had made various contributions to mathematics throughout his lifetime and has also being awarded with the famous cole prize by the American mathematical society.

4. Satyendra Nath Bose
Till this date the Bose must be the one of the most famous Indian mathematician, specifically due to his several associations with the great Albert Einstein. Bose had sent his mathematical researches to the Einstein and this had lead to the discovery of the famous Bose-Einstein condensate phenomenon. He was also rewarded by the Indian government for his several contributions.

5. Shakuntla Devi
She has been the most famous female Indian mathematician ever, Shakuntala Devi, was more commonly famous as the human computer. She was so called this because of her great incredible talent to solve difficult calculations without using any type of calculator. In Dallas she had even competed with a computer to give out the cube root of 188138517 faster than the computer and she won! She went ahead to compete with the UNIVAC the world’s fastest computer that had solved the 23 rd root of 201 digit numbers and she had eventually won that too! A woman with very outstanding talent and great outrageous world records!

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