Math Tutors May Not Be Answer To Mathematical Challenges

Although math tutors can help some students practice certain problems or learn tricks for the SAT, they can’t help all students who struggle with mathematical concepts on a consistent basis. Building up weak cognitive abilities is the best solution for students that often struggle with math. This process begins at the foundational level, and in the end is proven to be the most effective way for helping students overcome learning disabilities such as dyscalculia.

Struggling students can build up core mental skills, which will carry over into improved learning in math and also into reading and other aspects of daily learning. Strengthening cognitive skills is different than learning regular academic subjects such as history, science, or math. Cognitive skills enable you to effectively learn academic subjects.

Research from a reputable learning center proves that a cognitive-based approach is the way for students struggling with learning disabilities to really learn. They have studied over 10,000 students and have determined that cognitive training is the most effective approach. When helping students whom have difficulty with math this company works to improve numerical fluency and executive functioning skills which are at the core.

A good training system will cover several weeks time with complexity increasing each week. This system should help students strengthen and improve upon vital cognitive components including attention, comprehension, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, logic and reasoning, memory (working, procedural, iterative, and visual), numerical and fractional fluency, planning, problem-solving, and visualization. Each exercise will often include many of those cognitive elements at once for the most positive outcome. Research reveals that those students who have enhanced planning capabilities are able to master mathematical concepts with greater ease and effectiveness than those who don’t.

The good news is that students who seem to jump from math tutor to math tutor can be helped with a cognitive-based learning approach. If the problem is an underlying issue a student will never fully overcome their difficulties with math by simply going to a math tutor. It is important that you seek out a quality learning training center and find out if they take a cognitive-based approach to learning.

A good learning center will first run some tests on your child to determine the weakest cognitive skills. Once the issues have been identified a unique program will be developed to help your child overcome their learning difficulties. There is no “one-size fits all” or a cookie cutter approach to overcoming learning difficulties. Every child is different, so it will take a unique program tailored to their needs for them to overcome issues they are having with learning.

Author: Arya Math

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