Solutions For Your Math Phobic Child

Meet a bright teenager Sandra. She is excellent in all her subjects academically and is quite happy about her performance till she talks about the subject of Mathematics. Math Sandra says give her nightmares. She can’t stop talking about this dull and boring subject and how she cried when her teacher put her outside class for getting her calculations wrong. She dreads when she talks about Algebra, where she got a whole lot of red lines across her homework book, for it involves painful memory to remember the formulas. She couldn’t even complete the whole math paper for a lack of time.

Her parents are helpless as they went through the same system of education with the same agonies as hers. Sandra now started complaining of a lack of concentration in the math classes and felt her abilities draining day by day.

Understanding her situation her parents got her enrolled into some extra tuition classes, where the situation got a little better but her phobia of math was still there.

Is your child facing the same level of difficulties in Mathematics? Is your child math phobic? Does your child think of math to be colorless and drab? Do you wish that there was some sort of a magic and your child suddenly became a genius in the subject?

Well your wait ends here. And the secret lies in the Ancient Indian Scriptures written by Indian sages almost 5000 years ago called Vedas which means ‘fountain of knowledge’.

In these Vedas lies the codes of engineering & mathematics called sutras which claims to solve any given problem of mathematics in any field whatsoever and that too in split seconds. Sounds Unbelievable? Read on…

The name given to this speed system of mathematics is called High Speed Vedic Mathematics which can solve difficult problems like 998 x 997 in less than 5 seconds flat!. It was rediscovered by the Sankaracharya (Pontiff) of Puri in 1918 who was a bright mathematician and a scholar beyond excellence.

High Speed Vedic Mathematics can help you to solve your calculations in split seconds. It can save steps in your algebraic equations by giving you the answer mentally. It can solve cube roots for you in 3 sheer seconds and the best part is it is easy to learn, master and apply. You can find the square roots as easily and mentally as it is adding 2+2 and believe it or not you can even find out which day it was on any given date three hundred years ago by remembering a simple table.

High Speed Vedic Math is far more systematic, coherent and unified than the conventional system. It is a mental tool for calculation that encourages the development and use of intuition and innovation, while giving the student a lot of flexibility, fun and satisfaction. The best part of it is that it blends seamlessly with any kind of math curriculum and suits children of all ages.

Vedic Math is a fast becoming a rage across countries. The St.James School of United Kingdom has implemented it strongly in its curriculum. “With Vedic Math, I feel like the Harry Potter of Math and can do sums with confidence and ease.” Says Ruth a 14 year old.

Vedic Math takes care of the math phobia and instead gives confidence which arouses interest in children in the subject. Children not only begin to live numbers they begin to feel it too. Results then become secondary.

Author: Arya Math

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