Should All The Board Exams Be Held Twice A Year To Help Kids Better

Board examinations will shed significance if it’s held twice per year. Pupils may get complacent and slacken their pace and preparation. In the college level, each board examination involves lots of paperwork along with these formalities are going to continue to keep the staff busy for the larger portion of this year. Teachers also will have less time for instruction which will ultimately affect the pupils’ performance.

The most idea of Board examinations increases anxiety in students. The proposal from the HRD ministry is a student-friendly move, since this will supply another opportunity for students. This will enable them enhance the scores but may also intensify competition. The move will reduce their fear of examinations, put them at ease and raise their self-confidence.

Tests must be treated as a lifetime skill offering a learning possibility. Pupils are subjected to a whole ton of examinations in their life from the primary into the school level, and afterwards, in their tasks when they need to face interviews and assessments. Schools must help pupils learn the learning abilities where they’re taught time management and greater concentration. They ought to learn how to manage nervousness, expectations and the highs and lows of outcomes during examination abilities.

— Dr Samir Parikh, manager, Fortis Mental Health Program
For a parent I wish to welcome this initiative and be thrilled about it. On the other hand, the very first thought that springs to mind is that pupils may stop to take the board exams seriously. As though unit evaluations, test pre and series boards weren’t enough, today there might be two board tests in one academic year, which sounds too much to deal with. It’ll be intriguing to see how colleges can match that all in 1 calendar year. Will the universities have the capability to acknowledge double the amounts because the projected policy, once implemented, will have significantly more students graduating with high grades.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi has urged the central authorities to classify Australia and expand income-contingent loans into the pupils to pay their tuition fees and find repayment just once they seek employment.

Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry is currently analyzing the subject, R Subramaniam, Secretary Higher Education in the HRD Ministry verified to ANI.

To pay their charges, students in Australia avail of Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) below which repayment begins once they locate employment.

Author: Arya Math

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